RapidAuctionSoft - Developers and Designers of Penny Auction Software


Includes support for only allowing users with specific badge levels to bid on an auction (free for beta testers...this is old code and needs to be redone and tested properly)

Shopping Cart

Create a complete E-commerce platform by adding a shopping cart plugin that works seamlessly with you existing products

User Inbox

User messaging page

Set and Forget

Allow your auctions to list themselves, never be without auctions.


Set up a stream of staggered auctions to start at intervals or all at once. Quickly and easily.

Quickbooks Online Integration

Integrate your bookkeeping platform with your e-commerce solution


Allow user's to win points or even products with our Bingo Game

Connect Four

Allow user's to compete against each other in a classic game

Slot Machine

Allow users to win bids by taking their chances at a slot machine


Allow multiple users to place bids and win products or bids on a roulette wheel
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